Digital security for the modern workplace.


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

2 p.m.
Duration: 1 hour
Language: Italian


Nowadays, we live in a scenario of increasingly diffused hybrid and remote work, in an environment where cyber-attack techniques have rapidly developed and new criminals have a greater ability and maturity to identify critical targets and strike at corporate business.

The combination of these elements, combined with the proliferation of data and devices, has dramatically reduced the efficacy of perimeter-based cybersecurity.

IT professionals manage a huge variety of technologies. Companies usually use a mix of cloud and on-premise infrastructure, platforms, and software and may have multiple vendors and cloud systems; employees work on personal devices and can easily access cloud applications and services; and data is in more places than ever before, making it more precious and vulnerable.

The idea of the impenetrable fort has fallen in spite of the new requirements. Today the perimeter to be defended is no longer the corporate network, but is composed of several factors, and the main ones are: identity protection, device protection, and infrastructure protection.


Marta Saracino

Azure Channel Sales Small and Medium Business, Microsoft Switzerland

Pietro Visentin

Head of Security,


In this webinar we will provide a general overview of the Zero Trust Security model and discuss security focuses for 2023 and strategies for protecting identities, devices, and infrastructure.

→ The Zero Trust Security Model

→ The perimeter of the new Security
– Identity Protection
– Protection of devices
– Infrastructure Protection

→ Tips for Basic Security Hygiene

→ Q&A Session

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