Menu is SalesTim’s partner for Switzerland and Italy and will now be able to offer its customers the French startup’s solutions for optimizing collaboration processes in organizations and, in particular, for Microsoft Teams Adoption and Governance processes. is pleased to announce that it has partnered with SalesTim, a French company that is part of the Microsoft for Startups program and was selected, during the 2019 edition of Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, as one of the 3 best “Microsoft Teams experiences”.

SalesTim’s mission is to improve large-scale collaboration processes within organizations through unique Microsoft Teams Template management technology, governance policies and APIs to connect to third-party apps. With SalesTim, customers have the ability to create advanced Microsoft Teams templates for any collaborative process they need to optimize: business departments, project management, recruiting and more. is currently the first partner to be able to propose to its customers in Switzerland and Italy the solutions that SalesTim has developed. In particular, will develop an expertise in the fashion industry by proposing Microsoft Teams templates and Governance activities tailored for luxury brands in the two countries.

«The partnership with SalesTim is part of the growth path that we have been pursuing for some time and that sees us at the side of organizations as consultants capable of guiding them in a rapid and effective digital transformation – says Andrea Nazari, Business Development Director of Thanks to SalesTim’s solutions, we will be able to accelerate our customers’ business transformation around Microsoft Teams».

« with its footprint on the Swiss and Italian market will certainly be a great accelerator towards the mission we pursue, that is to make the Collaborative Organization a reality on a large scale – says Alexandre Cipriani, SalesTim Co-Founder  – with its experience on Office 365 technologies and in the fashion industry adds a lot of value to our technology. We are more than happy to count as a partner that will support our growth in these new markets.».

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