Have you ever thought you could eliminate the telephone switchboard and use Microsoft Teams as your only service for collaborating and communicating with colleagues and customers?

Now more than ever, companies need a modern voice telephony solution that integrates features that combine unified communication and teamwork.

The integration of the phone system into Microsoft Teams-thanks to Microsoft Teams Phone, a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality calls-enables organizations to deliver seamless, collaborative experiences.

Microsoft Teams Phone, in fact, simplifies communication and collaboration by connecting employees, business partners, and customers through a single native communication solution integrated into Teams that is easy for administrators to manage and flexible for all employees-whether in remote, in-office, or hybrid work environments-thanks to a mobile-first approach.


An all-in-one solution

🠒 Bring calls, chats and meetings together in one application.
🠒 Quickly start a call from Teams, Outlook, or your mobile device.
🠒 Collaborate in Office apps during calls and meetings.
🠒 Work in Teams and Outlook seamlessly with unified contacts and calendars.

Calls from anywhere
🠒 One phone number on computer, mobile and regular phone.
🠒 Turns a call into a group meeting without having to hang up or redial.
🠒 Add flexibility to meetings with a conference number to dial.
🠒 Choose from a range of personal and shared devices built for Teams.

Secure, reliable and rich calls
🠒 Take advantage of cloud calling features such as advice transfer, music on hold, cloud voicemail, and more.
🠒 Work as a team with group call pickup and delegation.
🠒 Use built-in automated attendants and call queues or link to your contact center software.
🠒 Improves uptime with built-in redundancy and load balancing.

Simplify management
🠒 Save time and money with a single source for your communications.
🠒 Easily add phone numbers with Teams Admin Center.
🠒 Monitor and resolve performance issues with call analysis and quality dashboard.
🠒 Get your dial tone with a calling plan from Microsoft or a third-party provider.

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