Menu – a company based in Ticino and leader in digital transformation and Microsoft Gold partner – and Bluecube – an Italian IT solutions and specialists company offering consulting, professional and managed services, and software development – announce that they have entered into a partnership agreement that will see the two companies collaborate on the topic of DevOps in Azure.

DevOps, a combination of development (Dev) and operations (Ops), is the bringing together of people, processes and technology to continuously deliver value to customers. It is one of the main components of the IT world of the future, and its purpose is to create efficient collaboration between developers and systems engineers, automating and speeding up the application delivery process and the associated infrastructure changes.

“DevOps is a new cultural model that aims to create a working environment that encompasses the design, testing and release phases of software. – says Manuel Fontana, CEO and founder of Bluecube – We want to be among the first to bring to the market a structured and complete DevOps offering, offering both application migration to the Cloud and the design of cloud-native applications. The partnership with, Microsoft Gold Partner in Ticino, was born with a view to integrating Azure, Microsoft’s Public Cloud, into our offer”.

“As the reference Microsoft partner in Ticino,” adds Andrea Nazari, Director of, “we are pleased to be able to collaborate with Bluecube to offer our customers in the Swiss market, but not only, a series of modern Azure DevOps services that allow them to plan smarter, collaborate better and deploy faster.

Together, and Bluecube will offer a complex process such as Azure DevOps, which includes:

→ Azure Boards, to monitor the activity of work items and create new ones directly from Microsoft Teams; 

→ Azure Artifacts, to create and share feeds of Maven, NuGet and NPM packages from public and private sources with teams of all sizes. 

→ Azure Test Plans: Planned and exploratory testing solution to Improve code quality using planned and exploratory testing services for your apps.

→ Azure Pipeline: Pipelines are at the heart of CI/CD, Continuous integration/Continuous Delivery. They are used to certify that new changes that are released do not create damage in production.

→ Azure Repos: Create unlimited private Git repositories hosted in the Cloud and collaborate to create better code with pull requests and advanced file management.

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