Strategies for migrating to Azure


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Duration: 1 hour
Language: English


Azure cloud adoption is now part of the digital transformation process for many organizations. This is because Azure offers companies multiple advantages over classic on-premise solutions: greater flexibility in infrastructure management, enhanced security, cost control and eventual cost savings.However, an Azure cloud adoption process cannot go without an initial assessment phase to determine the best way to migrate or modernize each asset to the cloud. Defining a strategy is therefore a key aspect of the migration process itself.To identify the best migration strategy, Microsoft suggests adopting the 5 “R” system of rationalization: a scale of migration and modernization that ranges from simple replication of servers on Azure IaaS instance, without modification of workloads, to complete replacement of workloads with SaaS services.


Francisco Teles

Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Switzerland

Marco Cataldi

Head of Microsoft Solutions,


In this webinar we will provide a general overview of Azure and explore the topic of cloud rationalization, which is the evaluation process to determine the best way to migrate or modernize each asset to the cloud using the 5 “R” system of rationalization.

→ Azure platform overview
– Regions & compliance
→ Azure’s shared responsibility model
– Iaas vs PaaS vs Saas
→ Migrating to Azure with the 5 Rs of rationalization
– Rehost
– Refactor
– Rearchitect
– Rebuild
– Replace
→ Session Q&A

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