Guiding a company towards its digital transformation, means first of all helping all those who are part of the business organization to face important changes in their work behaviors.

In fact, it is not simply a matter of exploiting new technologies or using a new suite of software in the company, but of approaching a substantially different way of working, communicating and collaborating.

It’s what’s called “Change Management”: a change that affects people first and foremost, fundamental to making substantial and lasting changes in corporate culture.

Change Management” is a consulting service that can now offer its customers with an even more innovative and result-oriented approach, thanks to the “Prosci Change Practitioner” certification obtained within our team.

Prosci: a professional and scientific approach to Change Management

The name Prosci comes from a cross between the words “professional” and “scientific”: it is a structured approach to Change Management, research-oriented and results-oriented.

Prosci is a systemic, holistic change management methodology used globally and now adopted by over 80% of the world’s top companies.

The certification obtained by the members of our team attests to’s ability to be a reliable and competent partner for Change Management, capable of supporting companies in the management of change in applied processes, preparing organizations for a rapid and effective introduction of new technologies.

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